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What is The Pork 101 Bootcamp?

The BBQ League has proudly partnered with Chairman’s Reserve® Meats to bring you the Pork 101 Bootcamp. In this epic four-part series, you will learn how to master every step of the pork process from Pork World Champion Pitmaster, Tim Scheer with Shake 'n Bake BBQ team. Tim will teach you how to pick the best cuts, simplify the prep process, smoke on both charcoal and pellet grills, and end with the best possible product every time. Watch this video for a quick series overview:

On behalf of the Chairman’s Reserve® Meats brand, we’re offering our exclusive content free to you for ONE WEEKEND ONLY - October 1-3.

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Why is this offer such a big deal?

The BBQ League is the Ultimate BBQ entertainment and education subscription-based service, offering the most elite BBQ content to meat enthusiasts of all skill levels. Every week, we release a new episode of exclusive, Pitmaster-produced content to our members. And now, thanks to this partnership, you are receiving a FREE sneak peak into what is waiting inside The League on October 1-3. 

Each week this month, we are releasing a new episode from the Pork 101 Bootcamp series. 

Don't want to wait to access the Pork 101 Bootcamp or the 100+ episodes of exclusive BBQ content? Our members also have instant access to a worldwide online community, live and virtual events, and discounts from some of BBQ's biggest brands. You can join today for just $8.99 monthly, and you can cancel anytime you wish to say goodbye!

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