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ALL the Secrets You Need to Cook World Championship Brisket for Just $19.99!
Offer Available for a Limited Time - Video Yours for Life!

The 2019 SLBS Brisket Team of the Year & KCBS Invitational World Champion Reveals All!

Heavy Smoke BBQ


Competition Brisket Secrets


For less than the price of the brisket itself, you can learn how to cook world-championship winning brisket! Watch as Chris TELLS-ALL in his competition brisket process. 

How to pick the best brisket

Fail-proof prep work

Winning flavor profile of a brisket

Step-by-step of the ENTIRE process

Creating a natural, award-winning box

In this limited time offer, you can access all the secrets from Chris, a massively successful KCBS Pitmaster, fora one-time payment of $19.99.

Heavy Smoke BBQ Accolades

Why should you listen to Heavy Smoke? The calls don't lie:

26 Grand Championships

15 Reserve Grand Championships

2020 KCBS 3rd Overall Team of the Year

2020 KCBS 13th Brisket Team of the Year

2019 KCBS Invitational World Champion

2019 SLBS 1st Overall Team of the Year

2019 SLBS Brisket Team of the Year

2020 KCBS World Invitational-80.jpg


This [Competition Brisket Pitmaster Tell-All] has been one of the best tell all videos to date"

Zach Daughtrey

If you are serious about bbq I'd highly recommend becoming a member of The Bbq League!

Paul Nelson III

Don't waste any more money on trail and error. Get it right the first time with The League!

Jason Harris


Chris Shafer @ The BBQ League

P.S. we hope you enjoy the priceless secrets inside this video. Because Chris will be telling-all (and we mean ALL), we ask that you refrain from holding watch parties. A spouse or family member watching with you in OK, but please, we ask everyone else to purchase their own video. Chris is literally teaching you how to beat him so please respect the rules

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